WUSATA 2015 India Consumer-Oriented Inbound Mission

The California Center for International Trade Development, in cooperation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA®), announce participation and registration in the India Consumer-Oriented Inbound Mission on Octoer 19-20, 2015 in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This will be an excellent opportunity for companies to participate in the growing India market. Recent changes in India’s lifestyle and dietary culture, coupled with a rising middle class with higher income levels, have stimulated significant growth of the retail and food service sectors. Because of these shifts, consumers are seeking more international tastes while becoming increasingly aware of food quality and safety.

India which is one of the world’s largest food producers is witnessing a rapidly growing demand for fresh and processed food, foodservice and food ingredient categories. Processed food imports are becoming more popular with the younger population, especially in urban areas. This backdrop makes the growth and outlook of the imported food sector exciting for US food exporters. It is very important that importers and retailers from India are made aware of the food products from the United States in terms of their nutritional value, quality, safety, handling and trade.

For more information about this mission and how you can participate, click the Register button below.

Registration deadline is:  October 9, 2015