Capacity Building Project - International Trade Curriculum Modules

The goal of the Capacity Building project was to develop international trade curriculum modules that are workforce and business driven, and incorporated into California community college agriculture classrooms while supporting the international trade sector across the state.

The Center for International Trade Development at State Center Community College District collaborated with faculty of the California community college campuses that offer agriculture programs and agriculture workforce and business leaders who provided input in the development of educational content for international trade in food and agricultural products/services.  The following seven international trade curriculum modules were developed and availale for download:

  1. Importance of international agriculture business in the global economy
  2. U.S. position in the global agriculture business and its importance on the country
  3. Legal, political, and cultural environment of agriculture global business
  4. Basic skills of operation, management, and control of agriculture in global business
  5. Basic techniques of market research and foreign market entry strategies
  6. Principles of global marketing & distribution
  7. Principles of global export finance

You can request a copy of the the PowerPoints with instructor notes at citd@scccd.edu.